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Harleyville Elementary School

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Harleyville Elementary is one of six schools in Dorchester District Four, and the elementary school which serves the Dorchester and Harleyville areas. This is the second year of existence for Harleyville Elementary; following the school restructuring in 2012.
Harleyville Elementary is located in the town of Dorchester in upper Dorchester County. The school serves students from Harleyville (six miles west), and other outlying communities. The majority of our students are bussed to and from school, and the remainders are car-riders. Situated as we are along a busy highway, surrounded by woods and open space, none of our students arrive or depart unescorted.

Harleyville currently enrolls 289 students. Forty-eight percent of our students are male and fifty-two percent are female. Our school is fairly diverse in ethnicity. Sixty-five percent of our students are African American, Three and seven-tenths percent are other, three point eight percent are Native American, twenty-five percent are white, and two point five percent are Hispanic American. Currently, the population is predominantly low socioeconomic with 71% population being eligible for Free or Reduce lunch, qualifying us as a Title 1 school.

Students at Harleyville Elementary live in both traditional and nontraditional family units. Almost 25% of the children come from single parent homes. Fifteen percent live with a parent and a stepparent. Another five percent live with someone other than a parent. As it is evident from these statistics, we are seeing an increase number in the number of students living in nontraditional family units.

Over time from the school year 2000-2001 to the present 2006-2007, Harleyville Elementary has seen a steady decrease in overall enrollment. The 2001-2002 school year shows the only increase of enrollment, in which there was a slight increase of nine students from the previous year. The racial composition of the school has remained fairly steady with only slight variations from year to year. African American students remain the largest racial group. The group listed “other” which includes Bi-racial and Oriental students remains the smallest group. During the current school year, 2006-2007, the student population is made up of: 66% African American, 25% White, 3.8% Native American, 2.5% Hispanic, and 3.7% other.
Blue and yellow are the school's colors, and the mascot is the dolphin.